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Keep Your Grass Looking Its Best

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Are you tired of seeing dead patches and discoloration in your grass? Bring your yard back to life with lawn aeration services from Bluegrass Lawn Care. Our team of experts will puncture the soil in your yard with small holes, allowing for greater sunlight penetration and water retention. You'll have nutritious soil that promotes healthier, more consistent grass growth.

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Why should you aerate your lawn?

Our lawn aeration services can bring a number of benefits to your yard. These services will help:

  • Prevent runoff and erosion
  • Improve the health and resilience of your grass
  • Prevent soil compaction
  • Stop pest growth and thatch buildup

Reach out to our team now for more information on how our aeration services can help your lawn. Pricing starting at $50

Fertilization treatments

"Cool grass and Summer grass"

  1. Fertilizer (early spring-late fall)
  2. Weed control (late spring- early fall)
  3. Pre-emergent (weed killer) (late spring-late fall)
  4. Grub preventive (Spring-summer)
  5. Winterizer (Winter)
  6. Over-seeding (Spring-Fall)